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IM-A Import declaration

IM-A Import declaration

Upon entry of goods from outside the European Union (EU), that are intended to remain in the EU, there has been import of those goods. This import is controlled by an import document (IM-A document).

Excluding any exemptions and other arrangements, import duties and VAT on import must be paid. Than, these goods can be considered as “free goods” or “goods in free circulation”.

What kind of information do we need from you?

1: Commercial Invoice
2: Packing List
3: Air Way Bill (airfreight) or Bill Of Lading (seafreight)
4: Authorization / FENEX Power Of Attorney Direct Representation
5: Registration of the Chamber of Commerce (max. 1 year old)
6: Copy ID of the person acting as director, mentioned on the registration of the Chamber of Commerce
7: Signed and dated FENEX conditions

Reliable trading partner for customs formalities

For every customer, regardless of size, we offer the most efficient solution. An advantage of this outsourcing is that you have the knowledge of certified customs declarants who can provide you with full advice and answers to all your customs issues. Berbo Customs Services, established in 1991, has been AEO certified (Authorized Economic Operator), which means that we are a reliable trading partner for customs formalities.