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T1 documents

T1 document

A T1 document applies to goods that are produced outside the European Union.
In particular goods that are physically located within the European Union and that have not yet been cleared or re-exported. The drafting of a T1 document is mandatory for the transport of these (as yet) unclear goods within the European Union.

Berbo Customs Services is professionally fully capable of arranging this document for you. After this your goods can be transported without problems or even be carried through within the European Union. You wish to store your goods first? This can be done in our bonded warehouse because we posses a customs warehousing permit.

Reliable trading partner for customs formalities

For every customer, regardless of size, we offer the most efficient solution. An advantage of this outsourcing is that you have the knowledge of certified customs declarants who can provide you with full advice and answers to all your customs issues. Berbo Customs Services, established in 1991, has been AEO certified (Authorized Economic Operator), which means that we are a reliable trading partner for customs formalities.