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Creating one efficient supply chain as your gateway to the European Union

E-commerce solutions for B2C transactions

Berbo Customs Services European e-commerce solution enables you to bundle, ship and Customs clear all orders sold to your European customer (a B2C scenario). On the other hand, integrators like UPS, DHL, FEDEX, PostNL, DPD etc., will split all orders for each individual EU member state (country) and Customs clear the partial shipment locally in each European country. This setup with different Customs organizations, Customs formalities and IT-systems may vary significant, in the end it will only causes delays and additional costs.

Since every webshop contains all required data, a fully automated Customs clearance process is possible. Berbo Customs Services, as an AEO-F certified Customs broker, can make use of pre-clearance of your packages even before they physically arrived in The Netherlands. The goods can be Customs cleared while the plane is still in the air.

This implies that we know upfront which specific parcels will be checked physically by the Dutch Customs Administrations, creating a maximum control on your Supply Chain while minimizing unwanted delays in the Final mile delivery. For more information about this specific Customs methodology which is only available in The Netherlands, called the VENUE, click here.